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WHOIS Identity Protection

Identity Protection

We help maintain high confidentiality against identity theft, spammer, and telemarketer that tries to invade your privacy with Domain Privacy Protection Service’s Contact



Our DNS System enables network application to locate and communicate with each other through the IP despite changes towards the physical network

Domain Forwarding


We help redirect your domain name to another website that you own if you ever need to redirect all your customers from one site to another.

New Domain Registration Pricing

 Top Level Domain 1 Year 2 Year 5 Year
.com RM58 RM116 RM290
.net RM68 RM136 RM330
.org RM72 RM144 RM330
.info RM78 RM156 RM410
.biz RM78 RM156 RM410
.name RM55 RM110 RM275
.co RM150 RM300 RM750
.asia RM80 RM160 RM400
.tel RM80 RM160 RM400
.mobi RM100 RM200 RM500
.cc RM120 RM240 RM600
.tv RM180 RM360 RM900
.ws RM120 RM240 RM600
.bz RM180 RM360 RM900
Note: No supporting document is required.
.MY Level Domain 1 Year 2 Year 5 Year
.my RM120
RM240 RM600 RM80  RM20 RM160  RM145 RM400  RM385 RM80  RM65 RM160  RM145 RM400  RM385 RM80  RM65 RM160  RM145 RM400  RM385 RM80 RM160 RM400 RM80 RM160 RM400 RM32 RM64 RM160
Terms and Conditions

  • For – Require Company/Organisation Registration Certificate (i.e. form D, B, 8, 9, 13, 19, 83, 83A)
  • For .my/ – Require Photocopy of Malaysia Identity Card (both side).
  • For – Require Official Education License certificate issued by Ministry of Education.
  • For – Require Official Letter from Department of Head of relevant government organizations.
  • See .my DOMAIN REGISTRY Supporting Documents required.
  • Click here for detail guidelines in choosing .my domain.
  • Promotional price for and .my is only applicable for new domain name registration from 1st August till 30th August 2019. Price is excluded of 6% ST.

Domain Renewal Pricing

 Top Level Domain 1 Year 2 Year 5 Year
.com RM58 RM116 RM290
.net RM68 RM136 RM330
.org RM72 RM144 RM330
.info RM78 RM156 RM410
.biz RM78 RM156 RM410
.name RM55 RM110 RM275
.co RM150 RM300 RM750
.asia RM80 RM160 RM400
.tel RM80 RM160 RM400
.mobi RM100 RM200 RM500
.cc RM120 RM240 RM600
.tv RM180 RM360 RM900
.ws RM120 RM240 RM600
.bz RM180 RM360 RM900
Note: No supporting document is required.
 .MY Level Domain 1 Year 2 Year 5 Year
.my RM120 RM240 RM600 RM80 RM160 RM400 RM80 RM160 RM400 RM80 RM160 RM400 RM80 RM160 RM400 RM80 RM160 RM400 RM32 RM64 RM160

Expired Internic Domain Process Cycle

Expired Mynic Domain Process Cycle


1) Domain name will be suspended and inaccessible for website and email after 30 days expired.
2) The suspension period is 14 days during which time, payment may be made to reactivate domain name.
3) If payment is still not received after the suspension period, domain name will be deleted and made available to the public registration.
4) Reseller transfer with renewal on expiry date within 20 days is possible (applicable within reseller transfer only).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Domain Name?2018-02-06T15:20:45+00:00

Think of a Domain Name as an address where people can find you on the Internet through your own Internet address (eg: One good very familiar example of domain name would be All you need to do to go to is just to type in the domain name in the Internet Explorer address bar.

So, by registering a domain name, you will have an address on the internet where users can visit and view.

Which Domain Extension I can register?2018-02-06T15:25:52+00:00

Currently, we provide the registration of:

Internic Domain: .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz, .name, .mobi, .asia, .cc, .tv, .bz, .ws
Malaysia Domain: .my,,,,,,

Other Countries Domain: Singapore, United States, Taiwan, China, Australia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, IDN Level Domain Names (Simplified or Traditional Chinese) and more…

.ph,,,, .sg,,,
.in,, .jp, .eu, 中文名.com


Check out our domain registration page for the range of domain extension and the pricing:

If you wish to register some other country level domains which are not listed above, kindly email to us at Submit a Ticket stating which country level domain you wish to enquire.

Note: Most of the country level domain name require valid document to prove the legal presence of the registrant. Therefore, please ensure that you have the registered presence in the country before you apply for the country level domain.

Can I provide invalid domain info to prevent my details to be revealed to public?2018-02-06T13:07:20+00:00


Under the ICANN rules, no one is allowed to provide faulty domain info. All the domain info provided shall be deemed valid and accurate at the point of registration. In the event that the Registrar found out any suspicious domain with faulty domain info, the domain owner is requested to update the domain info immediately. Failure to do so, the Registrar reserve the right to suspend the domain permanently.

Can I redirect my second domain to primary domain so that when people visit both domain will see the same web site?2018-02-06T13:10:18+00:00

Yes. In this case, you may just purchase a domain forwarding features to forward the 2nd domain to primary domain.

Can I register a domain name which shows as Not Available?2018-02-06T13:11:06+00:00

No, you cannot register a domain name that is already registered by other. You would have to choose another name that no one has registered before.

We only provide domain registration on available domain. If you wish to buy a registered domain, you may try to contact the current domain owner yourself. You may get the domain owner detail by performing a WHOIS search.

Can you book a domain name before payment is received?2018-02-06T13:17:21+00:00

No, for Internic domain. All domain is to be registered after full payment is received based on first come first serve. There is no booking option available.

Yes, for .my domain. We can assist you to perform a domain booking for a maximum of 14 days and the booking will be cancelled thereafter if no payment is received. Domain registration will be carried out after payment and the supporting documents are provided from your end.

Can you book more than 14 days for .my domain?2018-02-06T13:21:51+00:00

If you need more than 14days to get your supporting documents, we will assist you to re-book your domain after the first booking of 14days is cancelled by .my Domain Registry.

However we advise you to speed up the process in getting the supporting document as .my Domain Registry may disallow us to perform booking for a same period for a long duration.

Can you refund a registered domain?2018-02-06T13:23:17+00:00


Once your domain has been registered, NO refund will be provided for any reason including spelling error. You may, however still request for the domain to be cancelled (if you wish) but there is strictly NO refund on the domain fee. You will need to pay again for any new domain registration.

Do I get Login ID & Password for my domain name?2018-02-06T13:24:26+00:00

You may manage your Internic domain name via our Billing System. Below are the steps:

1. Login to Client Area at
2. Go to My Domains
3. Click on your preferred domain name to manage.
4. You may now change the nameserver, contact information, auto renew & registrar Lock.

Meanwhile for .my domain name, the administrative contact username and password will be sent directly to the registered email address.

Do you provide discounts for domain registration?2018-02-22T15:29:18+00:00

Yes, if you register/renew a same domain name (Internic domain only) for a minimum of 5 years straight.
eg. .com renewal x 5 years = RM45 x 5 = RM225

Kindly Submit a Ticket to our sales consultant to confirm on your discount rate.

Discount is not applicable to Mynic domain.

Do you have Privacy Protection to protect my info in WHOIS?2018-02-06T14:58:00+00:00

Yes, we have the Domain Privacy Protection option that you can enable to hide your WHOIS info being displayed to the public. You can enable or disable this feature easily after login to your Client Area > My Domain to manage it yourself.

However please note that .org and all .my domain name do not support Domain Privacy Protection.

Note: – Privacy protection option is FREE of charge.

How long does it takes to register a domain?2018-02-06T15:03:54+00:00
  • Internic domain: Within 2 – 24hours.
  • .my domain name: 1-2 working days. (After we received your supporting document)
  • Other countries domain: Within 1-7 working days (Depends on the Country level requirements)


  • All the registration order will be processed only after payment receipt is received and verified.
  • Payment receipts received during working days Mon-Fri (9.30am-6.30pm): Activation within the same day
  • Payment receipts received during OFF working hours: Activation on following working day
I’m interested with one of the domain owned by your client and would like to purchase it. How shall I go about that?2018-02-06T15:06:32+00:00

Even though the domain is registered via Net Onboard, the ownership still belongs to our client. If you wish to purchase the respective domain, you shall contact the domain owner and liaise with them directly. FYI, we do not resell domain owned by our client.

The rules to register a .my Domain Name2018-02-06T15:11:02+00:00

FYI, .MY Domain was governed by .my Domain Registry. Some keywords has been reserved for special purpose and is not allowed to be used by the public within the domain name such as:

  • country or state names such as “Malaysia”, “Selangor”, etc
  • sensitive keywords to the main religions such as “Islam”, “Buddha”, “Hindu”, “Christianity”, etc.
  • “bank” or “finance company”
  • ‘By themselve’ means contain the country or state names itself can only be applied by the State or GOV. However, a domain
  • name with the combination of the state or country name is allowed.
  • eg:, (Not allow)
  • eg:, (Allow)

If you wish to use the reserved keywords as above, you will need to present the specific supporting documents approved by the relevant authority such as State authority, Minister of Finance (MOF) etc, and the domain registration is subject to .my Domain Registry final approval.

For details information, you may refer to

The rules to register a Domain Name2018-02-06T15:13:16+00:00

A domain name can have max. 63 characters excluding the extensions (that’s the “www” and “com” thing).

Allowed characters:
alphabets, numbers and the hyphen ” – “.

Not allowed characters:

Domain name is not case sensitive.
So “” and “” are just the same.

After I placed a domain order, when shall I pay? Is my domain booked?2018-02-06T15:19:52+00:00

After you have placed an order, you may proceed with the payment ASAP.

Please note that your domain is not secured or booked or registered at this point of time until we received your payment receipt. Actual activation will only be carried out after full payment is received.

In the event that your domain is taken/registered by other parties after you made the payment, you may either to choose another domain name or to request for a refund as the actual domain registration has been by carried out by our end.

Can I register only a domain without any hosting plan?2018-02-06T15:21:39+00:00

Yes. You may register/renew only a domain with or without any web hosting plan with Net Onboard. You only need to pay for the domain fee. You can even use the registered domain to be hosted with another web hosting provider by modifying the nameserver. There is no charge for the nameserver modification.

Will you reject my domain registration?2018-02-06T15:27:33+00:00

At most time, we will process all the domain registration order placed by clients. However, we do reserve the right to reject certain domain name which sound illegal, threatening, malicious etc, In the event that your domain is rejected, and there isn’t any registration being carried out yet, full refund on domain fee will be provided.

What is Domain Forwarding?2018-02-06T15:28:39+00:00

Domain Forwarding service is built for client who already have an existing website and wish to forward the respective domain to specific link and etc. e.g: You have a domain A and would like to forward it to existing website will URL

You can get a FREE Domain Forwarding service when you purchase any Internic Domain Name with us, where the free domain forwarding is provided by the Domain Registrar as its best effort of availability.

What is Email Forwarding?2018-02-06T15:29:35+00:00

Email Forwarding is built for user that does not subscribe to any emailing services whereby they can configure the email message sent to the domain e.g: xxx@domainname and forward to free email such as yahoo, gmail and etc.

You can get a FREE Email Forwarding service when you purchase any Internic Domain Name with us, where the free email forwarding is provided by the Domain Registrar as its best effort of availability.

What is Managed DNS?2018-02-06T15:34:04+00:00

Managed DNS service allow client to manage the DNS records without having to setup their own DNS server.

You can get a FREE Managed service when you purchase any Internic Domain Name with us, where the free Managed DNS is provided by the Domain Registrar as its best efford of availability.

Otherwise, you may also subscribe for the Paid service provided and configured at Net Onboard server for RM30/year per domain. It is recommended that you maintain at least 2 party DNS services for where in the event if one DNS group failed the other group would still able to resolve properly. The only drawback is you need to maintain 2 groups of dns server. e.g: when you add additional A record, you will need to update both end.

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