Testimonial Story (SEED)

Aviation Management College

“Surprisingly SEED’s result is beyond our expectation.”

“I will definitely recommend SEED solution to others because it helps us to capture potential customer, build a closer relationship with existing customer and to uplift the branding image. SEED is the complete package that included all essential marketing tools to kick-start a marketing plan.”

Mr Mohd Hanafi Mohd Yunus, marketing manager of AMC is very grateful that he chose Net Onboard to be the college marketing solution provider. “I had done a lot of research and rang few companies, but I get no response from them. Net Onboard is the only one to reply me quickly even during Chinese New Year, and send a representative to my college the next day. They are very effective.”

Aviation Management College (AMC), the 1st college to grant accreditation from Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) of diploma of finance and aviation management, diploma of aviation management and diploma in flight operation management, overwhelmed by SEED solution after a month implementation.

“At the very beginning, we were only looking for SMS marketing tool. However, we found that SEED not only provide what we need, also giving us extra. Our previous website is unorganized and not user-friendly. However, under SEED solution, we are having a brand new website. It is more sophisticated and informative. The rebranding exercise is what I didn’t expect at all.”

“I can say I am not only satisfied with the marketing tools that are included in SEED solution. The service and professionalism of Net Onboard team impressed me as well. During the process, I emailed every 10 to 15 minutes to require creative team to edit and change website detail. The team members are always patience with me, and from time to time giving me advice on how to utilize the other marketing tools.”

“Website is the first impression of our college. Customer always refer website as a professionalism criteria. Nevertheless, website alone is not effective enough as to complete a marketing cycle. We need supporting online marketing tool such as email and SMS to do the follow up mission.” He explained.

“SEED is the complete package for marketing”

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