FAQ: Reseller Program

Can an individual join Net Onboard Reseller Program?
Yes, we welcome both individual / company to join our reseller program.
Can I add/delete my client hosting account myself?
Yes, you will have full access to your WHM and CPanel (for your client access) for account management. You can define your own package, own pricing and to perform account creation/modification/deletion all by yourself.
Can I resell your domain name?
Yes, you may purchase our bulk domain prepayment package* for resell purpose. A domain reseller control panel will be provided where you can register / renew the domain yourself from your domain reseller control panel.

We offer a 10 or 20 domain prepayment package at a lower rate for your selection. Please click here for the pricing.

* Note: Applicable for Internic domain only (.com/.net/.org/.name/.biz/.info/.us). Not applicable for .my DOMAIN REGISTRY or other country level domain.
How much experience do I need to be a Reseller?
You may need to have some basic knowledge on what is domain name/web hosting, how does it work? how to set nameserver etc. Anyhow, we will provide you some guidelines on domain registration, hosting account setup should you require these info.
What are the requirements to join domain reseller program?
You just need to make a 10 or 20 domain prepayment. The domain fund will be added to your account. Subsequent topup is to follow the available domain prepayment package.

No setup fee or monthly fee required.
What are the requirements to join hosting reseller program?
Firstly, you need to register/transfer a domain to us upon signing up the hosting reseller program which is to be used as your Private Label Nameserver. After that you may choose any of our reseller plan available.

Total Cost = Domain Fee + Hosting Reseller Fee + Setup Fee.

Monthly & Yearly Payment Term is available for Hosting Reseller Package.
What kind of support will I receive?
You may request for support assistance from our support team by submitting a ticket via www.supportchain.com and not to forget to mention your reseller username for speedy troubleshooting purpose.

You will probably require technical support at the beginning stage because the reseller management process is rather simple and straight forward.
Will my client know I am reselling from Net Onboard?
Your clients "may" and "may not" know that.

As you will be using private label nameserver as well as your own branding to the domain control panel, end user will see your label when doing a normal WHOIS search. However, if your clients perform a detail technical search, they may still find out from the hostname/IP that the actual service is from Net Onboard.
Will Net Onboard contacts/supports my client directly?
No. We will be supporting you and you were to provide support to your client yourself. We do not contact or support reseller's clients directly.

In the event that the reseller's client come to us directly, we will advise the client to refer back to the reseller for any technical or billing or sales related issue.

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