FAQ: Pre-Sales Technical Considerations

How do I request for technical assistance?
Based on the nature of problems had by web hosting customers, it is much timelier and more effective for issues to be handled via email rather than over the phone.

Visit our Online Support Helpdesk - http://www.supportchain.com to access to the following technical assistance:

Self Diagnosis and Resolution:
1) Knowledgebase
2) Troubleshooter
3) Online Tutorials

Contact Our Technical Team:

1) Live Support - to alert on emergency. Resolutions will be provided via Ticketing System
2) Submit a ticket - Audited Support Assistance and Resolutions to be provided based on First Come First Serve basis.
How do I send and receive emails with your hosting service?
You can use either "WebMail" or "POP3 Email" to access your email messages, regardless subscribing to Linux or Windows Shared Hosting Plan.

What is Webmail?
1) WebMail allows you to access your mailbox anywhere, anytime eventhough you are not logon to your own computer via a browser by typing your webmail address. The email messages will reside in the mailserver all the time. It is the similar way of accesing your email like the popular free email service such as GMail, Yahoo Mail. eg. http://webmail.domainname or http://domainname/webmail

What is POP3 Email?
2) POP3 email allows u to retrieve email messages and download to your computer using mail clients application such as Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Eudora etc. Client is advised to retrieve the mail using POP3 for better performance of email retrieving and sending, as well as to free up rooms for incoming mails. If you wish to use POP3 and also to remain a copy of the email message in the mail server, you may "tick" the option "Leave a copy at server" at your mail client applications configuration. With this setting, you will need to logon to your webmail once a while to clear off the messages at mail server to avoid space being occupied.

Please visit link belows for flash tutorials on:
- How to Create an email account in Cpanel & DotNetPanel
- How to Configure POP3 Email Account in Outlook Express, MS Outlook 2003
How do I upload web content to your server?
You will have access to your own FTP account (username & password provided) to upload your web content to the server. There are many web publishing tools that you can use to perform the file uploads or downloads.

Flash tutorials below will guide you through the steps on web publishing using
- Microsoft Front Page Extension
- Filezilla
- WS_FTP Pro
What is your Hosting Server Operating System?
We provide the best of both worlds.

i) Windows 2008 Server for Windows hosting plans
ii) Linux CentOS Server for Linux hosting plans
What is your Shared Hosting Server Specifications?
We are using the Award Winning Intel Modular Server (Techworld "Server Product of the Year") built on Intel Multi-Flex Technology which offer simple, flexible system integrating storage and computing power that provide seamless installation, migration, and growth capabilities utilising the Virtualisation technology. All new hosting subscribers will be hosted under this powerful server with the virtualisation technology that the convetional standalone server unit used by other hosting providers could not compete.

For existing clients who has been with us for the past 8 years, and still hosted at our conventional server, be rest assured that we are utilising the branded Intel server with minimum 4GB RAM and RAID HDD configuration. Upgrade options to our latest IMS are available for existing clients at no extra cost.
What is your Up Time Guaranteed?
We provide SLA of 99.9% on Hardware Uptime, Network Uptime and Power Uptime. Uptime Calculation exclude Scheduled Maintenance/Force Majeure.

- This only applicable for client that hosted at Aims Data Centre.

News and announcement of reported maitenance or downtime will be informed to clients via newsletter as well as Online Support Helpdesk.
What is "Auto Responders"?
With the Auto Responders feature enabled via your hosting control panel, you can have the mail server to automatically reply a default message to all recipients who have just sent you an email before you actually replied to them. The benefit is to notify senders that their mails have reached your mailbox successfully and you would contact them in a later date.

You can also use this feature to set a vacation messages that automatically sent out messages whenever someone writes to you.

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