FAQ: Email Marketing

Can I include attachment to my email?
Yes. Please note that only 1 attachment file with maximum size of 1MB allowed.
Can I insert my URL link in my email?
Yes. When your recipient views the message, they will be viewing your message from your website URL at your own server.
Can I preview my email before send it out?
Yes. There will be a “test send” feature. You could use this feature to send the mail to your own email account before you proceed to broadcast the email to your subscribers.
Can I schedule my email sending option?
Yes. You may set the Schedule Sending so that your email will be sent based on your preferred date and time, or whether it will be a recurring sending email.
Can I see who has opened my newsletter?
Yes. That's the important feature for you to see who has read your newsletter and what they have clicked on your newletters.
You can then to perform follow up with your potential clients.
Can I stored all the newsletters being sent?
Yes. You may view or achieved the copy list or messages you had sent in the ActiveCampaign panel.
Can I upgrade my plan?
Yes. Simply contact us by submitting an inquiry via www.supportchain.com .
Do I need to prepare a server to use ActiveCampaign Email Marketing?
• Hosted Services: No

• Owned License: Yes
Do you provide any reports?
Yes. There will be statistical reports available that will help you to have a visual breakdown of all message information and statistics. More detailed information is also available for every aspect of your sent messages. You also may export the report to an Excel file.
How fast will my emails be sent out?
The server to host the email marketing software and the sending method will determine on mailing speed. The speed can range from 10,000 mails/minutes to 10,000 mails/hours.

However, the speed of sending email is not the priority to determine the effectiveness of email marketing solutions. Often times you can experience better sending result via moderate sending speed.
How many mailing list or campaigns allowed?
Unlimited mailing list and campaigns are allowed.
Is there any trial service available for ActiveCampaign Email Marketing?
Yes, we do offer 30-days trial account, Simply contact us by submitting an inquiry via www.supportchain.com.
Quick Start Guide
You may obtain it from http://www.netonboard.com/download/Quick_Start_Guide.pdf.
What are some best practices when sending to Yahoo! Mail?
What is CAN-SPAM Act?
You may refer to http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/business/ecommerce/bus61.shtm
What is Email Marketing - Hosted Services?
With Hosted Service, you only pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to continuously enjoy the email marketing service which will be hosted at our Cloud Server.

It saves you from the need to prepare your own server to host the Email Marketing application as well as maintaining the server.

You may choose to cancel the email marketing subscription any time and do not have to concern on the server hosting subscription.
What is Email Marketing - Owned License?
ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Owned License allows you to use and host the software anywhere at your own preference.

You just need to purchase the software license with a one-time payment. No other monthly or yearly fee is required except for the server hosting fee to host the software. If you wish to perform software upgrade, you may then pay for the upgrade fee.

We recommend user to host the owned license version in our Cloud Server which comes with high availability and scalability option. Besides, we could also assist to manage the email marketing application once you subscribe to our Managed Support Service.

Our Managed Support Service consists of advisory, deployment, configuration, optimizing, security update, patches update & troubleshooting support service to cloud server excluding application programming/coding support.
What is the requirements of Owned License for ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software?
Below are the requirements for our ActiveCampaign Email Marketing software:

1. PHP - Version 4.3 or above
2. MySql - Version 4.1 or above
3. Other - Ability to set a cronjob or scheduled task is required for the schedule and/or time-sensitive sending features.
What is the upgrade process of ActiveCampaign Email Marketing?
It is simple and easy to upgrade ActiveCampaign Email Marketing owned licensed version. You simply upload the new files to web server and run a web based updated version. If you are subscribing to the hosted version, you are not required to perform upgrading as this task will be handled by us.
Where can I host the Email Marketing software if I were to get the Owned License?
Due to the heavy email traffice of an Email Marketing software, you will not be able to host the software at any of shared hosting plans.
The only options you can consider is to get your own dedicated server or VPS.

Here at Netonboard, we give you the lowest, and most cost-effective server hosting solution which is to go for our DIY Cloud Server.
Who will create the HTML newsletter and do the URLs linkage?
You will create the HTML email / plain text email by yourself using the system. No worry if you are not familiar with the codes etc, as there is HTML WYSIWYG text editor available in the system for you to easily prepare the newsletters.
Why choose our Email Marketing Solution?
Simple 3 reasons:
1) You can send Unlimited Email every month, based on number of subscribers for each plan.
2) Faster delivery speed compared to the other market players. Why? Our servers are built with combination of mailing server pool. This will also overcome issue like ip blacklist, speed limitation of recipient.
3) Our servers are registered and recognised by Google, Yahoo, Hotmail. What does this mean? With a good handshake, this increases appearance rate in Inbox and also minimize issues like speed limitation.
Why I should go for Owned License?
You should opt for Owned License if you already have your own server and wish to have full control of the software.
By purchasing Owned License, you will have unlimited numbers of email sending each month and you will only need to pay for a onetime payment fee.
Why should I go for hosted services?
Hosted services are more cost effective and convenient as you do not have to worry about subscribing, purchasing or maintaining a server for your email marketing application as we will host the service for you at our server.

We are offering 6 packages under hosted services which are EM1000, EM2500, EM5000, EM10000, EM25000 & EM50000.
Why use ActiveCampaign Email Marketing?
ActiveCampaign Email Marketing is the leading web based marketing software that have good track record and trusted by well-known corporation such as Nokia, IBM, Dell, Canon and many more.

With this software, you can:

- Easily create and send HTML newsletter to clients, using HTML editor in the software
- Maintain your up-to-date active client list
- Identify your potential clients who read your newsletter
- Know which products your potential clients have clicked
- Make your brand visible and always in the topic of discussion
Will my email being marked as spam?
Kindly perform a health check on the subscriber list via “Can I use my existing list of subscribers?”

You can gain some idea to prevent your email been marked as spam. We try our best to minimize the risk of being marked as spam. However, many factors contribute to this worst case including message contents, subject, mail server, and etc.

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