FAQ: Server Co-Location

Are there any Insurance Coverage provided by Data Centers?
Following are the insurance that AIMS DC has purchased for its own protection.
1) Fire
2) Theft
3) Public Liability

- Above insurance is mainly to protect AIMS, DC own goods. In the event if above case happened, the policy will only cover client parts if that is due to DC negligence. Therefore, client is advice to purchase their own policy for their needs of protection.
- Due to the ISO constraint, the sum of insured, period coverage, insurance agent are not be revealed.
Can I have emergency physical access to Data Center within a short notice?
Yes, with an email notice and explanation to us prior to any visit. The visit will still need to be accompanied by Net Onboard Technical Team.
How do I manage my server if it is hosted at your DC?
At most times, using remote access software such as FTP and TELNET is sufficient for you to be able to access your own server to update and maintain the content of your own server.

Should you require physical access to your server during/after office hours/weekend/public holidays, you will need to submit a written notice 2 days in advance. A Data Center Visit Application Form will need to be filled up and submit to the us for each visit.
How do I proceed to subscribe for your Server Co-Location service?
Firstly, you may proceed to place an order for server colocation at our Billing System. Upon receiving your payment, you will be given a Data Center Visit Application Form to be filled up with your equipment model, serial numbers, IPs etc that you have ordered.

Kindly ensure you have configured and tested the IPs with Remote Management Service & Firewall enabled at your server before deploying it in the Data Center.

Note: The delivery speed of IPs and rack space is subjected to availability. Kindly check with us on the delivery time as to ensure your deployment date can be achieved.
Is my server secured to share the rack with other Net Onboard co-lo clients?
You will be sharing the same rack with other Net Onboard Co-lo clients if you subscribe for a single server co-location, unless you were to susbcribe the full rack service.

However, you can be rest assured on the security wise that, the rack is remain locked all the time and no other co-lo client/visitor is allowed to access to the rack without knowledge of Net Onboard and DC technical staff. Each visit of client to DC will be accompanied by Net Onboard Technical Team. There will also be CCTV monitoring in the DC.
What are the advantages of co-locating server at DC instead of at office premise?
Yes, you can host your server at your own office. However many have chosen to co-locating the server at DC for the following reasons:

i) Maximum Resource Availability
- You can ensure that your site remains accessible to your customers at most time utilising the DC Internet facilities, without draining your in-house internet resources.
- You need not have a dedicated support standing by 24x7x365 just to monitor your server uptime. DC has its all for no extra cost.

ii) High Data Protection
- Your important data are kept P&C at the data center with proper security and audited accessibility, resulting lower risk of internal or external data theft.
- Multiple copies of data can be stored at different locations for maximum protection.

ii) Cost controlling
- Co-location offers you more bandwidth at a much lower rate than running multiple T-1 lines to your office.
- You need not invest on powerful DC range equipments such as UPS, Genset, IDP architecture etc just to serve your only one or few servers in the office. You pay only the minimum to enjoy the greatest network facilities as the cost has been leverage with other co-location clients with the similar requirements of yours.

In short, it is a cost-effective solution for the long run. Talk to us and we will advise the suitable solution to upgrade your in-house server to the next level of performance and lowering your operational cost.
What are the facilities available in the Data Center?
DC Facilities:
- ISP Class IDS, raised flooring
- 24x7 Network Monitoring
- CCTV, Biometric, Doorcard, Security Guard
- Diesel Genset, Dual Power Source
- Multiple Backbone & LAN Connectivity
What shall I take into consideration when purchasing the server chassis or server railing kits?
Standard Rack come with 800mm-900mm depth. If you have longer depth, you will need to go for extra depth server rack that can accommodate up to 1000mm. Therefore, if you have a longer depth server, kindly make arrangement with the Sales Team before the deployment.
Which are the available Data Centers?
You have the selection to host your server at below data center based on availability of racks:
- Aims DC, Menara Aik Hua, KL.

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