FAQ: Cloud Storage

Can I purchase Net Onboard Cloud Storage for my shared hosting website to perform data backup?
You will need to check with your current shared hosting provider rsync over ssh or Remote FTP is allowed. As industry practice, Remote FTP is enabled so do Net Onboard Shared Hosting.
Can I share files from Cloud Storage to general public?
Yes. Any file uploaded under the default folder of public_html will be publicly available. As to achieve this, you can create a FTP account with the access path under public_html and transfer the file to Cloud Storage via FTP Client.

You can further secure the public access file by activating Password Protection function at specific folder through the Web Based Control Panel. However, this can only be executed by the admin of Cloud Storage.
Can I start with minimum package and upgrade later?
Yes. Cloud Storage is designed to be scalable, you can always start with the most basic package and scale up later especially when you not sure how much space or bandwidth is required.
How can I further secure the data store under Cloud Storage?
For highly confidential data, user is advised to secure it by utilising Encryption Software or Password Protection Software prior uploading it to Cloud Storage. With this exercise, even someone get your file they will not be able to access it without knowing the password or public/private key to decrypt the data.
How can I manage Net Onboard Cloud Storage?
You will be provided with 1 Admin Privilege login account. With this login access, you can perform tasks like FTP account creation, quota setting, activate password protection folder and much more.
How can I store my file at Net Onboard Cloud Storage?
You can store your file in various methods:

1. Transfer Single / Multiple Files with drag & drop as well as remote file synchronization - http://winscp.net/eng/download.php

2. Map the Cloud Storage as local drive utilising sFTP NetDrive - http://www.eldos.com/sftp-net-drive/download-release.php

3. File Upload / Download via FTP utilising Filezilla FTP Client - http://filezilla-project.org/download.php

4. Synchronise your local and offsite file by transferring only the changed portions files with Rsync over SSH - http://sourceforge.net/projects/sereds/files/
How can someone download the file that I share publicly?
Upon completion of file transfer under the folder of public_html , you can pass the public access link to your client or friend to download it via web browser.

Given the scenario as below:
1. Cloud Storage Access Domain : cs.netonboard.com
2. Folder created under public_html : public
3. File uploaded to be shared : download.zip

The absolute download path that you need to send to your client or friend will be http://cs.netonboard.com/public/download.zip
How does Net Onboard Cloud Storage work?
Net Onboard Cloud Storage come with failover mechanism as where real-time replication is happening transparently within Primary & Secondary Storage server.

In the event of Primary Storage Server failure, the Secondary Storage Server will replace the Primary Storage Server role in minutes.

Additionally, there is also an External Backup server that holds copies of backup (Daily / Weekly / Monthly) drawn from the Clustered Storage Server. The backup service comes as complementary while recovery from the backup is subject to be chargeable.
How is Net Onboard Cloud Storage different from other provider?
Net Onboard Cloud Storage is deployed with the concern of data integrity as priority under clustered of SAN Storage as where there are minimum of 3 Level Data Protection as listed below:

- 1st level of data protection is enabled via Hardware RAID.
- 2nd level of data protection is enabled via RAID 1 over Ethernet within Clustered Storage Server.
- 3rd level of data protection is enabled via External Backup that store Daily, Weekly & Monthly backups.

In additional of that, you can scale your Cloud Storage space anytime you need it.
How soon can Cloud Storage service be activated after completion of signup and payment?
Net Onboard Cloud Storage can be ready within 30mins upon payment verification. However, the domain propagation delay shall be taken into consideration as well and this process will take 24-72hours as per specified by ICANN.
Is my data fully protected under Net Onboard Cloud Storage?
Yes. Clustered Storage Server provides maximum data integrity & uptime availability with the enablement of 3 Levels Data Protection.

- 1st level of data protection is enabled via Hardware RAID.
- 2nd level of data protection is enabled via RAID 1 over Ethernet within Clustered Storage Server.
- 3rd level of data protection is enabled via External Backup that store Daily, Weekly & Monthly backups.
Is there any limitation on the file size that I can store in the Net Onboard Cloud Storage?
No. We do not limit the maximum file size. You can upload any size of file as long as the storage space that you subscribed to is adequate to accommodate your usage.
Is there any restriction on the file type to be stored in the Net Onboard Cloud Storage?
No. You can upload any file type to the Cloud Storage.
What are the benefits of Net Onboard Cloud Storage?
With Cloud Storage, you can enjoy these benefits:
1. Data Integrity - Data is safeguarded from natural or human-caused disasters, such a flooding, fire, theft, virus, hardware damage and etc.
2. Mobility - You can access your data anytime, anywhere & any devices.
3. Data Sharing - Files stored in the Cloud Storage can be shared with public as well as limited group.
4. Free Backup - There are total 3 copies of backup (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) is made available free for Cloud Storage user whereby restoration is subject to charge.
5. Better Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - You no longer need to purchase the hardware and worry on maintaining it.
6. Business Continuity - It’s being deployed under high availability architecture with built-in Failover Mechanism.
7. Scalability - Storage space can be upgraded whenever you need more space.
What is Cloud Storage?
Cloud storage simply means remote storage. With the enablement of Cloud Storage, you can now store your photos, documents & songs remotely instead of locally and enjoy the benefits of mobility / access your data anytime & anywhere.
What will happen if Aims Data Centre is under disaster mode?
For disaster recovery purpose, we do have an offsite backup option located under Patimas Data Centre - Technology Park Malaysia.

You may contact our Sales Team for the custom needs.
Where is Net Onboard Cloud Storage located?
Currently the Cloud Storage is located under Aims Data Centre - Menara Aik Hua.
Who should buy Cloud Storage?
- If you can’t afford to lose your data.
- If you need a proper managed location to store your data.
- If you need automated backup with no vendor lock-in.
- If you wish to eliminate the human interaction on the backup process for cost saving or data leak out prevention.
- If you wish to have a scalable & reliable storage solution without the concern of technical management.
- If your data requirement for your business is rapidly growing.
- If you need a file sharing environment globally or out of your office environment.

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