FAQ: Dedicated and Cloud Server

Can I install any software or program in to Cloud Server?
Yes. You have full root-level access to the Cloud Server to perform any software or program installation as long as the software is legal. Cloud Server works exactly like Dedicated Server.
Can I purchase additional IP addresses?
Yes. Each Cloud Server comes with one (1) IP as standard, additional IP addresses can be purchased at RM20/month.
Can I purchase the resources that I need now and scale up later with Cloud Server?
Yes. You can scale up by increasing your Cloud Server resources such as vCPU, Hard Disk Space, RAM and Bandwidth at any time.
As to do so, you can contact Net Onboard Sales / Billing Team as to assist you on the required resources upgrade.
Can I reboot my Cloud Server?
Yes. You can reboot your Cloud Server via the Web GUI with a single click on the Reset button.
Do I get any control panel access?
Yes. You will be given Web GUI access as to manage your Cloud Server. Task like server Power On / Off / Restart as well as root level access to Console Interface can be done via the Web GUI.
Do I need to install operating system updates and security patches on my own Cloud Server?
As part of our package, Net Onboard Provision Team patched the OS before deliver to the client. As for future update and patches as well as managing of the server, client has the option to go for 24x7 Managed Service at RM300/mth or conduct the activities by themselves with unmanaged condition.
Do I need to subscribe additional backup service for my Cloud Server?
Cloud Server is designed for high availability with failover mechanism as where it contains the following data protection:

1. RAID 1 over Hardware RAID Controller within the Shared Storage.
- If HDD fails we just need to replace the failed HDD, this will not cause any downtime.

2. RAID 1 over the LAN among Clustered Shared Storage.
- If The Primary Shared Storage failed, we can swing to Secondary Shared Storage, this exercise will cause several minutes of downtime for Secondary Shared Storage to take over the Primary Storage Role.

However, the risk of Cloud Server image corruption is there and when this happened it will be disaster without a backup plan in place. Moreover, data protection can’t be utilized to recover historical data.

Following are the available backup options:

1. Snapshot Backup (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
This is a full clone image of the server and we would recommend client to go for weekly snapshot backup at minimum level.

2. Cloud Storage Backup (External Backup)
You can utilize cloud storage for content backup and usually we will need to configure the backup script to utilize the FTP access to transfer the backup file to external storage. We recommend backup being done for important content (e.g: Web Files & Database).
Do you limit on the number of domains / website to be hosted under Cloud Server?
No. We do not limit you on the number of domains hosted under your Cloud Server. You can host as many as you wish and upgrade your CPU, RAM & HDD when you run out of resources.
How do I determine how much vCPU that I need to subscribe?
Each Hypervisor Server that servers the Cloud Server come with Dual Processors. As the Hypervisor Server is enabled with Hyper Threading Technology, it doubled up the CPU cores.

If you need the power of Quad Core Processors, the number of vCPU that you shall go for would be 8vCPU as each physical core equal to 2vCPU.

As guidance, 4vCPU will be sufficient to run most of the application servers.
How do I upgrade from my current shared hosting plan to Cloud Server?
Cloud Server is a different plan that shall be purchased separately. There is no direct upgrade from Shared Hosting account to Cloud Server. However, you can discuss with Net Onboard Support Team on how to migrate your Web Content and DB to Cloud Server and this service is free.
How long will it take to set up my Cloud Server?
The delivery time for Cloud Server is within 24 hours after payment verified for Cloud Server without add-on items or additional service deployment.

As for client that subscribed to add-on items such as Cpanel/WebSitePanel/Additional Service Deployment, the typical delivery time will be 1-3 working days after payment verified.
What are the benefits of Cloud Server?
With Cloud Server, you enjoy the following benefits:
- Meet your business requirement with the scalability feature.
- Better Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as you no longer need to purchase the hardware and worry on maintaining it.
- Built-in Failover mechanism and high availability architecture that ensure business continuity.
- Full flexibility & Control over the server with root access.
- Hassle Free management with option to Managed Service subscription.
- Run your application at optimum level with the optimized template.
- Enablement as Disaster Recovery Site.
What hypervisor does Net Onboard Cloud Server use?
We use Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) for both Linux and Windows Cloud Server.
What is Cloud Servers?
Cloud server allow customization on dedicated server resources (e.g: vCPU, RAM, HDD & Dedicated Bandwidth) with built-in high availability architecture (HA) to achieve maximum service uptime thank to the enablement of failover mechanism - During the incident of hypervisor server failure, cloud server will be swing to the redundant hypervisor server to continue it operation.

Nevertheless, the hardware cost is covered by Net Onboard and client can concentrate on business instead of the managing the server with Managed Service Subscription. Additionally, the privilege of root access remains with client as where power on /off / restart can be carried out via the web GUI.
What is Cpanel?
Cpanel is an ease-to-use software package that allows website owners quickly and easily run and maintain their servers and websites with ease under Linux environment without the need of in-depth technical knowledge on Linux.

We highly recommend Cpanel for client that go for Linux Cloud Server to ease up the administration task.
What is the difference between Cloud Server and Dedicated Server?
Cloud Server can be deployed in minutes and be scaled up whenever required. Whereas Dedicated Server that involve physical hardware placement required longer deployment time and you will lose the benefits of better total cost of ownership (TCO), High Availability (HA) & Failover mechanism.
What is the different of Net Onboard VDS & Net Onboard Cloud Server?
Net Onboard Cloud Server is an enhancement of Cloud Solution with greater level of Data Protection as it come with 2 SAN Storages with real-time data replication while the older version - VDS only has 1 SAN Storage.

Apart from that, user can also perform following tasks via the Web Based Control Panel.

1. Analyse Resources Usage - Bandwidth, Disk IO, RAM and etc.
2. Root access to the console - Troubleshoot server lock down.
3. Power Management - Perform Cloud Server Power On / Off / Reset.

The most exciting part would be better pricing! This made possible as the new platform is under GNU License with no vendor lock-in.
What is the Support Coverage when I purchase Cloud Server?
Cloud Server is built with the concept as where full accessibility & server management is granted to the client, which known as Unmanaged Service. Typically, unmanaged service is suitable for IT professional who has sound technical knowledge on server administrating and managing role.

In addition, we do offer Managed Service as an optional item for client who has limited technical knowledge and may require Net Onboard technical team of certified professionals to help manage and administer the server on their behalf, starting from as low as RM100/mth.

In a nutshell, Cloud Server can be either Unmanaged or Managed Service.

1. Unmanaged Service
Hardware Uptime Guaranteed – 99.9%
Network Uptime Guaranteed – 99.9%
Coverage of Support Service – Self Managed by client

2. Managed Service
Hardware Uptime Guaranteed – 99.9%
Network Uptime Guaranteed – 99.9%
Coverage of Support Service – Advisory, Deployment, Configuration, Optimizing, Security Update, Patches Update & Troubleshooting excluding Application Programming/Coding Support.
What platform that Net Onboard Cloud Server use?
Cloud Server is deployed under Proxmox VE - a complete virtualization management solution for servers.
It is based on the leading Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor and OpenVZ, the best alternative to organizations looking for better total cost of ownership (TCO) and no vendor lock-in.
Who should buy Cloud Server?
- If you wish to focus on the business rather than technical issue.
- If you wish to efficiently invest on IT Infrastructure.
- If service up time is your main concern.
- If your data is highly sensitive and need to run in secured environment.
- If you need to install custom application.
- If you need offsite storage space for Disaster Recovery purpose.
- If your business is constantly growing along with your application needs.

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