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Prevent Attacks By Reducing Vulnerability

Ensure that there are as little amount of vulnerability in your system that hackers and attackers can take advantage of. Prevention of such attacks before it occurs will ensure that your online operations are able to run smoothly without any downtime. Web Vulnerability Scanner helps you detect any vulnerability that your website and web applications currently posses, and warns you regarding the problem

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Frequently Ask Question

What’s the different of this compare to penetration test ?2019-02-26T17:50:29+08:00

Web Vulnerability Scanner help you to discover any vulnerability exist in your website without any actual damage. However penetration test will execute real attacks to your site which might result in serious damage to your site.

What should I do after receiving the Web Vulnerability Scanner report ?2019-02-26T17:49:33+08:00

You may contact our support to assists you further by utilising your managed support credit.

How long will the scanning take ?2019-02-26T17:36:33+08:00

Normally the scanning takes up to couple of hours depending on the size of the website.

When will the scanning take place ?2019-02-26T17:48:18+08:00

Normally we will executed scanning process by the end of month. Scanning report will be deliver to you after completion.

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