Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)2021-08-13T17:52:40+08:00

Stay Alert and Prevent Intrusion

Take a preemptive approach in network security at combating threats over your network traffic by implementing Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to monitor all traffics. Configure and set rules to determine the actions that should be taken when detecting a threat and what steps should be done to ensure the security of your website and customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPS?2018-02-08T09:59:40+08:00

An Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is a network security/threat prevention technology that examines network traffic flows to detect and prevent vulnerability exploits.

How IPS work?2018-02-08T09:59:50+08:00

So basically, all traffic is directed through the IPS, which can then block or allow the packets based on policy. It can also perform a level of correction or modification if required.

An IDS on the other hand is purely a monitoring device; it cannot act directly on anything it detects. Typically connected via network tap or a span port on a switch / router it sees a copy of a traffic but does not interact with it. You rely on humans usually in a 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) to monitor the alerts, investigate and take appropriate action.

What is the IPS rules that Net Onboard used ?2019-02-26T17:32:14+08:00

Our IPS rules is based on Cisco Snort.

Can I decide whether to block the traffic of not ?2019-02-26T17:30:49+08:00

You have the option to turn on or off the blocking features.

How will I know the IPS has blocked my traffic?2019-02-26T17:33:23+08:00

You can configure an email notification as alert upon of block of traffic.

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