Protect Against DDoS Attacks

A DDoS attack is aimed to render a website inaccessible by customers or to flood with enough data packet to knock it offline for a few hours or even completely. The importance of Anti-DDoS Protection becomes even more prevalent to businesses to ensure that their digital assets are kept safe and protected from such malicious attacks. Anti-DDoS Protection also ensures the elimination of single-point-of-failure from real-time DDoS attacks, HTTP flood attacks, empty connection attacks, slow connection attacks and other web application attacks.

Our Anti-DDoS Protection Solution

With the rapid development of DDoS Attacks in terms of size, frequency and complexity, numerous organizations and businesses may find it difficult to protect themselves from such malicious attacks. Net Onboard’s Anti-DDoS Protection aims to provide an adequate mitigation system to help protect and block malicious attacks aimed at your website

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DDoS?2018-02-02T11:57:35+08:00

DDoS or Distributed denial-of-service attack is an attack in which multiple compromised computer systems attack a target, such as a server, website or other network resource, and cause a denial of service for users of the targeted resource.

How does DDoS affect me?2019-02-25T12:26:31+08:00

The DDoS attack will attempt to make an online service or website unavailable by flooding it with unwanted traffic from multiple computers.

For a DDoS attack to be successful, an attacker will spread malicious software to vulnerable computers, mainly through infected emails and attachments.

This will create a network of infected machines which is called a botnet.

The attacker can then instruct and control the botnet, commanding it to flood a certain site with traffic: so much that its network ceases to work, taking the site offline.

How does the Anti-DDOS work?2018-02-02T12:01:09+08:00
  1. Detection of Threats by NSFOCUS Appliance.


  1. Automatic Blackhole or Mitigation with preset scripting.


  1. For Client that subscribe to Persistent Anti-DDOS Protection, all traffic will be sent to scrubbing farm and only clean traffic is pass to Client Server. Report will be sent to them if there is detection of attack in monthly basis.


  1. For Client that do not wish to subscribe Anti-DDOS Protection while they are being attack frequently, blackhole will kick place and release after 2 hours with preset script.


  1. For Client that given complimentary Anti DDOS with inconsistent attack, as long as their attack is not more than 10Gbps + 10Gbps and less than 30mins consistent attack. We will help to mitigate with preset scripting and advise client to subscribe persistent anti ddos protection with attack report.

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