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Business Cloud Hosting is a Premium Shared Hosting plan built on top of Cloud infrastructure to offer higher uptime, faster speed, and optimal redundancy. It no longer limits itself to a single source of physical server & storage using the ordinary restricted operation model. With cloud, you can now enjoy double layer of data protection and variety resources guarantees with no downtime for enterprise continuity.


RAID 10 improves disk I/O performance and reliability to ensure high capability at an affordable cost


Your server is hosted under World Class Data Center fully monitored by Security Guard 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week & 365 Days a Year.


We will make sure your website always online. Unscheduled downtime will never be part of our agenda. Hardware and network uptime will be guaranteed with 99.9%. The 0.1% is reserved for the natural disasters that happen when god knows.


Our Business Cloud hosting is operated in virtual environment above a pair of hypervisors and SAN storages. Your website files, data and applications are stored and replicated into two sources for redundancy. This guarantees that in the event of failure, the cloud hosting can sustain the continuity of accessibility without any notice of downtime.

Business Cloud Hosting Plan

Business Cloud Hosting
Business Cloud Hosting
Business Cloud Hosting
From MYR599/annuallyFrom MYR499/annuallyFrom MYR499/annually
  • 25GB Web Space
    25GB Web Space
    25GB Web Space
  • 50 Smarter Mail Enterprise Users (1GB per user)
    50 Smarter Mail Enterprise Users (1GB per user)
    50 Smarter Mail Enterprise Users (1GB per user)
  • 50 Addon Domains
    50 Addon Domains
    50 Addon Domains
  • Unlimited Sub Domains
    Unlimited Sub Domains
    Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
    Unlimited FTP Accounts
    Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unmetered Monthly
    Data Transfer
    Unmetered Monthly
    Data Transfer
    Unmetered Monthly
    Data Transfer
  •   3 layer Data protection
      3 layer Data protection
      3 layer Data protection
  • Cloud Based with HA and Fall Over Mechanism
    Cloud Based with HA and Fall Over Mechanism
    Cloud Based with HA and Fall Over Mechanism
  • Real Time Storage Replication Over Dual SAN Storage
    Real Time Storage Replication Over Dual SAN Storage
    Real Time Storage Replication Over Dual SAN Storage

Standard Features
Max Web Space 25 GB
Max Email Space 50 GB
Monthly Data Transfer Unmetered
MySQL 5.x 300
Email Users 50
Per Mailbox Size 1GB
Add-on Domains 50
Application Support
Forum Limited by Allocated Resources
Chatting Script
Business Web Site  
Blog / Photo Blog  
Video & Audio Media Files
*T&C Apply (Refer to 3.4.8)
Domain Features
Sub Domains Unlimited
Access with and without “www”  
Website Management Tools
FTP Unlimited
Website Statistics AWStats
Control Panel cPanel
URL Redirection  
Microsoft FrontPage Extension  
Web Based File Manager  
DNS Zone Editor  
Index Manager  
Custom Error Pages  
Raw Log Manager  
Hotlink Protection  
IP Deny Manager  
Password Protected Directory  
Cron Job  
Website Development Features
PHP 5.x
Server Side Include (SSI)  
Custom MIME type  
GD Graphics Library  
cURL Library  
Apache handler  
Multimedia Features
Adobe Flash
Adobe Shockwave
Midi Files Support
Optional Add-ons / Upgrades
Dedicated IP address RM180.00 / year
SSL certificate installation RM100.00 setup + SSL cost – more info
Email Features
Email Server SmarterMail Enterprise
Max Attachment Size 20MB
Max recipients per message 50
Max Email Per Hour 100/hour
Premium Antispam Cyren
Catch-All Email Address
Junk email filtering and virus blocking
Email Aliases, Email Forwarders and Auto Responders
Hosting Account Features
Max Tenants 100
Max CPU Consumption 1Ghz
Max Memory Consumption 512MB
Max MySQL Concurrent Connection 45
Max MySQL Query Execution Time 45 sec
Weekly Backup for Web
Daily Backup for Email
Server Hardware Features
vCPU 16
Network Uptime 99.9%
Hardware Uptime 99.9%

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Frequently Ask Question

What is Business Cloud Hosting?2018-02-08T15:21:40+00:00

Business Cloud Hosting is an easy, cost-effective way for business owner to host email, website & database professionally under the High Availability Cloud architecture environment. You can ensure that your web content & email communication to global audience running smoothly ALL the time at faster speed with addition of RAID 1 mirroring data protection.

The failover mechanism takes place behind the scene whenever an interruption occurs where you will not even notice the changes nor delay ensuring 100% continuity to your business.

Who shall use Business Cloud Hosting?2018-02-08T15:22:37+00:00

Business cloud hosting is best suits to corporations & enterprises with less than 50 emails accounts & approximate 1GB space for each mailbox and are looking for a 24/7 guarantee online service and 99.9% network uptime.

The web site shall be currently utilizing a fairly low amount of traffic and suitable to be hosted under shared hosting environment.

How does your business cloud hosting differ from other shared hosting?2018-02-08T15:23:26+00:00

Our business cloud hosting architecture comes with redundancy of hypervisors and SAN storages to achieve high availability delivery. In other word, the malfunction of any cloud components will not affect the accessibility of your website, where it will swing to the available resources automatically.
Whereas the low-cost share hosting, or even a dedicated server which commonly built up within single hardware & software resources will face immediate downtime whenever there is a disruption and thus this no doubt create a huge suffer to business owners for its completely breakdown of web & email communications.

What is the uptime Guarantee for Business Cloud Hosting?2018-02-08T15:24:46+00:00

Hardware & Network Uptime Guarantee for Business Cloud Hosting is 99.9%.

Do you provide control panel?2018-02-08T15:26:05+00:00

Yes. You will be provided cPanel to manage your hosting account which runs under Linux platform.

cPanel provides an interface for webmaster to manage, and administrate the web site such as editing accounts, uploading files etc. with full access. With proper password protection, webmaster will be the only user who has access for necessary editing task in hosting account administration.

How do I transfer from other providers to Net Onboard Business Cloud Hosting?2018-02-08T15:27:42+00:00

Firstly, you shall manually make a copy of your web content & database, and to download all email messages to mail client program (e.g. Outlook) for backup purpose, as these data is required in following step to repopulate them inside the new business cloud hosting account.

For clients who are utilizing CPANEL hosting, we can assist you with an auto-migration process by performing a direct migration from your current hosting into our server via the cPanel application. With this auto-migration step, you will not need to do the manual backup and data repopulate process as mentioned above. To achieve this, you will need to provide below information to us:

1. Control Panel URL
2. Hostname / IP
3. cPanel Username
4. cPanel Password

However, if the auto-migration method fails (usually due to web scripting), you shall take over the role to perform manual backup steps at your current hosting account and to repopulate it back in our server.

If you have any doubts or require further clarification, please call to our office 03-20584799 or drop us an email [email protected] to include the time convenient for us to reach you by phone.

Important: Due to the differences of the server configuration, management, resources and etc by different hosting providers, we may not be able to perform auto-migration process for all types of hosting account. However, you are welcomed to check with us and see how the transfer process can be simplified.

Is ASP .NET is being supported under Business Cloud Hosting?2018-02-08T15:30:28+00:00

Unfortunately, Business Cloud Hosting doesn’t support ASP .NET as it’s being built under Linux Operating System. However, you may consider going for DIY Cloud Server or Dedicated Server with Virtualization with Windows Operating System to accommodate your ASP .NET application.

For more information, kindly contact our Sales Team at [email protected]

Is PHP is being supported under Business Cloud Hosting?2018-02-08T15:31:17+00:00

Yes, it does support PHP 5.x to 7.x

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