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Dedicated Just For You

Our Dedicated Server with Virtualization is a popular strategy of dedicated server deployment by bringing cloud computing advantages to the dedicated server and eliminating cloud computing’s resource limitations. The server is perfect between VPS and conventional Dedicated Servers, for which it is easily and readily swift from one platform to another without having huge impact on the uptime.

Key Features

Key Features

Saver Plan

Save your own pocket money, but not on our product quality

Bigger Resource

Designed for Enterprise with Huge Resources Requirement

High Performance

Designed for Enterprise with High Performance Requirement

Frequently Ask Question

Can I buy cPanel only without subscribing to any server with Net Onboard?2022-01-04T15:33:57+08:00

cPanel license is currently not sold separately, you may only get it as an add on option through subscribing to our server packages with Linux as your operating system.

Can I have a physical visit to my server ?2022-01-04T11:58:12+08:00

Generally the person who purchases this plan is not allowed to visit our data center. But in case you need to do so, you can apply a request from us.

Can I install any software or program in to Dedicated Server with Virtualization?2018-02-08T10:46:12+08:00

Yes. You have full root-level access to the Dedicated Server with Virtualization to perform any software or program installation as long as the software is legal.

Can I purchase additional IP addresses?2018-02-08T10:47:16+08:00

Yes. Each Cloud Server comes with one (1) IP as standard, additional IP addresses can be purchased at RM5/month.

Can I purchase LiteSpeed Web Server for cPanel if my server is not hosted with Net Onboard?2021-03-02T17:13:25+08:00

This cPanel Add-on is only limited to Net Onboard client’s server.

Can I purchase the resources that I need now and scale up later with Dedicated Server with Virtualization?2018-02-08T10:48:38+08:00

No. There is no resources upgrade option available with Dedicated Server With Virtualization as all the server comes in a standard package.

However, you may check the next standard package with higher resources or customization is needed in order to cater your new requirement.

As to do so, you can contact Net Onboard Sales / Billing Team as to assist you on the required resources upgrade.

Can I reboot my Dedicated Server with Virtualization?2018-02-08T10:49:41+08:00

Yes. You can reboot your Dedicated Server with Virtualization via the Web GUI with a single click on the Reset button.

Can I upgrade any components exp.RAM, hard disk etc. for saver plans ?2022-01-04T15:42:42+08:00

Unfortunately, no. If you need more advanced servers, have a look for other available plans or please contact our sales department for customisation.

Can I use one license for multiple servers?2021-02-18T15:05:27+08:00

Each license only works on one server.

Do I get any control panel access?2018-02-08T10:50:37+08:00

Yes. You will be given Web GUI access as to manage your Dedicated Server with Virtualization. Task like server Power On / Off / Restart as well as root level access to Console Interface can be done via the Web GUI.

Do I need to install operating system updates and security patches on my own Dedicated Server with Virtualization?2022-01-05T18:00:25+08:00

As part of our package, Net Onboard’s Provision Team patches the OS before delivering to the client. As for future updates and patches as well as managing of the server, clients have the option to go for 24×7 Managed Service at RM150/month or conduct the activities by themselves with unmanaged condition.

Do I need to pay for installation of LiteSpeed Web Server?2021-02-18T15:06:13+08:00

Installation of LiteSpeed Web Server in your server is FOC and will be done by our technical team.

Do I need to subscribe additional backup service for my Dedicated Server with Virtualization?2019-08-20T12:17:51+08:00

Dedicated Server with Virtualization is not designed for high availability with failover mechanism as like Cloud Server. Therefore, you may consider to subscribe with another Cloud Storage server in order to perform data backup.

Following are the available backup options:

1. Cloud Storage Backup (External Backup)
You can utilize cloud storage for content backup and usually we will need to configure the backup script to utilize the FTP access to transfer the backup file to external storage. We recommend backup being done for important content (e.g: Web Files & Database).

Do you limit on the number of domains / website to be hosted under Dedicated Server with Virtualization?2018-03-05T10:57:45+08:00

No. We do not limit you on the number of domains hosted under your Dedicated Server with Virtualization. You can host as many as you wish as long as the resources of server is enough.

Do you offer a trial period for Saver Plans?2022-01-04T16:00:32+08:00

Yes. We do provide a free 7 days trial but it’s only limited to registered corporations with supporting documents to be submitted to us for verification purpose.

Does Net Onboard provide auto debit facilities ?2022-01-05T15:06:20+08:00

We are currently in the midst of applying for auto debit facilities, if you are interested in this, kindly contact our billing department and we will inform you once our facilities are available.

Does Net Onboard provide money back guarantee or refund services for this plan ?2022-01-04T13:55:15+08:00

We regret to inform that this plan is not covered with money back guarantee.

Does saver plan mean that the quality of the hardware used is below standard ?2022-01-10T18:09:36+08:00

No worries as we never compromise on the quality of our products and services that we provide to our valued customers. Save more and be confident with our products !

How am I billed?2021-02-18T15:04:59+08:00

You will be billed monthly or annually for each license along with current cPanel Subscription.

How can I purchase MailEnable from your company?2022-01-05T15:11:37+08:00

You may just log on to our Online Billing System to place your order online. After that you may proceed with the payment according to your preferred payment method and send us the payment receipt via fax or email after that. Your order will be processed after we receive the payment notification from you.

How do I choose the package that is suitable for my usage? What should I do if none of the standard packages available fits my server requirements?2022-01-04T16:31:44+08:00

Net Onboard provides professional consultation and advisory for free. With our experienced technical specialists, we are here to listen to your requirements and to provide the best suited solution in order to fit your server deployment objective.

You may drop us an email to our Sales Team at [email protected] or call +6018 372 8818 for more information.

How do I upgrade from my current shared hosting plan to Dedicated Server with Virtualization?2018-03-05T10:58:18+08:00

Dedicated Server with Virtualization is a different plan that shall be purchased separately. There is no direct upgrade from Shared Hosting account to Dedicated Server with Virtualization. However, you can discuss with Net Onboard Support Team on how to migrate your Web Content and DB to Dedicated Sever with Virtualization and this service is free

How long will it take to set up my Dedicated Server with Virtualization?2022-01-04T16:57:47+08:00

The delivery time for Dedicated Server with Virtualization is within 24 hours after payment is verified for Dedicated Server with Virtualization without add-on items or additional service deployment.

As for clients that have subscribed to add-on items such as cPanel/WebSitePanel/Additional Service Deployment, the typical delivery time will be 1-3 working days after payment is verified.

For customized Dedicated Server with Virtualization which requires back to back order, the delivery time will be up to 3-5 working days after payment is verified.

How soon will I obtain the MailEnable license key?2019-01-03T17:51:41+08:00

Once your payment is cleared, you will receive the license key from us via email within 24-72 hours during office hours (Mon-Fri). If you do not receive any email notification from us after your payment, please contact our billing department as soon as possible to verify your payment.

How to purchase LiteSpeed for my server?2021-02-18T15:05:50+08:00

Your server must be installed with cPanel in order to purchase LiteSpeed Web Server. You may contact out sales team via [email protected] if you wish to purchase this add on for your current server or you may place order directly through if you need a new dedicated server.

I had just subscribed to one of your plans, but I decided to upgrade to another plan, is it possible?2022-01-04T12:03:32+08:00

Yes, it is possible. First, you need to purchase another new plan, then we will schedule a downtime for you to backup your existing server before moving it to a bigger scale container.

If I need to fulfil Bank Negara Malaysia guideline can I go with this plan ?2022-01-04T13:59:37+08:00

We regret to inform that this is a multi tenanted environment while Bank Negara Malaysia strictly requires a single tenanted environment.

In which way will you notify me ?2022-01-04T17:01:01+08:00

An email will be sent to you automatically once any problems have been detected on your website.

This server is multi tenanted or single tenanted ?2019-01-31T17:40:32+08:00

Servers on Saver plans, SSD Dedicated Server plans and Bigger Resources plans is multi tenanted. If you need a single tenanted environment, please contact our sales department for customisation.

What are the benefits of Dedicated Server with Virtualization?2018-03-05T11:00:10+08:00

With Dedicated Server with Virtualization, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • 99.9% Network Uptime Guaranteed
  • 99.9% Power Uptime Guaranteed
  • 24x7x365 Physical Security by Video Surveillance & Security Guard Monitoring
  • 24x7x365 Dedicated Support by Certified Engineers via Mobile Phone for Emergency Recovery Purpose
  • 10Gbps + 10Gbps Anti DDOS Protection (Non Consistent Attack) as Complimentary
  • 100% Claimable under Operating Expense.
What are the payment methods available?2022-01-04T17:13:49+08:00

You may pay via offline payment methods e.g. Cash/Cheque Deposit or even pay online using your credit card or Paypal funds. We accept credit card payments via Paypal only. You may visit our payment page for our bank account details and other payment methods available.

What are the servers that Net Onboard provides ?2022-01-04T17:27:04+08:00

We have servers from various provider such as Dell, Super micro, Quanta. However, it all depends on availability.

What are the significant benefits of Bigger Resources Plans ?2022-01-04T11:55:34+08:00

Bigger Dedicated Server is designed to provide More CPU, More Ram & More Hard Disk Space when compared to the standard market plan which allows you to achieve even more than you can imagine.

What is cPanel with WHM?2022-01-04T17:34:24+08:00

cPanel is a web-based control panel for Linux which allows our customers to manage every single item of their site virtually. WHM saves you time and money by automating and streamlining tedious server management tasks and customization could be done on the control panel. Both are included if you purchase the cPanel license.

What is High Performance SSD package about?2022-01-04T17:51:06+08:00

Our Dedicated Server with Virtualization SSD package is designed for better performance. The Max Throughput is 1200MB/s and server performance is 5x faster with SSD Storage. If you are planning to have a server with better speeds especially to run a database server, this package is very suitable and should be your first consideration.

What is MailEnable?2019-01-03T17:38:55+08:00

MailEnable Enterprise Edition expands on the features of MailEnable Professional and is designed for organisations or ISP’s dealing with high volumes of mail, requiring greater control and flexibility over mail services. Enterprise Edition adds highly functional features such as remote administration, more advanced web mail and web administration, and database connectivity – giving you the power and control required for large-scale operations.

What is the delivery time of customised server once my purchase has been made ?2022-01-04T18:02:06+08:00

The server delivery time is normally 3-5 working days, sometimes we might need a longer time if the specific hardware requires us to import it from overseas. But rest assured, it will not be more than 10 working days.

What is the delivery time of your server once my purchase has been made ?2022-01-04T12:10:54+08:00

All plans purchased will be delivered within the same working day. However, if you need to add on some additional software such as cPanel, Mailserver and etc, it will require an additional one to two working days.

What is the difference between Cloud Server and Dedicated Server with Virtualization?2018-03-05T10:56:43+08:00

Cloud Server can be deployed in minutes and be scaled up whenever required. Whereas Dedicated Server that involve physical hardware placement required longer deployment time and you will lose the benefits of better total cost of ownership (TCO), High Availability (HA) & Failover mechanism.

What is the SLA for this plan ?2019-01-31T17:50:57+08:00

We guarantee on 99.9% uptime on server hardware and network.

What is the Support Coverage when I purchase Dedicated Server with Virtualization?2022-01-05T09:41:22+08:00

Dedicated Server with Virtualization is built with the concept where full accessibility & server management is granted to the client, which is known as Unmanaged Service. Typically, unmanaged service is suitable for IT professionals who have sound technical knowledge on server administrating and managing role.

In addition, we do offer a Managed Service as an optional item for clients who have limited technical knowledge and may require Net Onboard’s technical team of certified professionals to help manage and administer the server on their behalf, starting from as low as RM100/mth.

In a nutshell, Dedicated Server with Virtualization can be either Unmanaged or Managed Service.

1. Unmanaged Service
Hardware Uptime Guaranteed – 99.9%
Network Uptime Guaranteed – 99.9%
Coverage of Support Service – Self Managed by client

2. Managed Service
Hardware Uptime Guaranteed – 99.9%
Network Uptime Guaranteed – 99.9%
Coverage of Support Service – Advisory, Deployment, Configuration, Optimizing, Security Update, Patches Update & Troubleshooting excluding Application Programming/Coding Support.

What platform does Net Onboard Dedicated Server with Virtualization use?2022-01-05T09:42:39+08:00

Dedicated Server with Virtualization is deployed under Proxmox VE – a complete virtualization management solution for servers.
It is based on the leading Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor and OpenVZ, the best alternative to organizations looking for better total cost of ownership (TCO) and no vendor lock-in.

What will happen if there is a hardware failure in my server?2022-01-05T09:44:54+08:00

Upon diagnosis confirmation of hardware failure, we will replace your server within 8 hours.

Where are your servers hosted ?2022-01-05T09:51:02+08:00

Our servers are hosted at 3 world class tier 3 data center which are CJ1 Center Cyberjaya, Menara Aims Kuala Lumpur and Equinix SG1 Singapore.

Where are your servers located ?2022-01-05T09:49:22+08:00

There are 3 data centers where we host our servers including:

  • AIMS Menara Aik Hua, Kuala Lumpur
  • CJ1, Cyberjaya
  • Equinix SG1, Singapore
Who should buy Dedicated Server with Virtualization?2022-01-05T09:55:00+08:00
  • If you wish to focus on the business rather than technical issue.
  • If you wish to efficiently invest in IT Infrastructure.
  • If service up time is your main concern.
  • If your data is highly sensitive and needs to run in a secured environment.
  • If you need to install custom applications.
  • If you need offsite storage space for Disaster Recovery purpose.
  • If your business is constantly growing along with your application needs.
Why is the price of a single tenanted dedicated server more expensive compared to this plan ?2022-01-04T13:45:07+08:00

This is because on single tenant, power consumption, rack space and hardware cost is all borne by a single customer. In a multi tenanted environment, customers can enjoy the benefit of cost of averaging.

Why shall I purchase software resell from Net Onboard?2022-01-05T09:59:40+08:00

Well, firstly we are a Genuine Reseller for the software we resell.
Secondly, we, as a reseller, sell the software at a Discounted Rate!
You will get the same software, same support but at a lower price when purchasing from us.

Why should I get Bigger Resources Plans ?2019-01-02T17:19:00+08:00

Bigger Resources designed for those businesses that require more resources in every aspect as to handle their overwhelming customers while keeping their site performance in a tiptop condition.

Why should I get saver plans ?2022-01-05T10:03:50+08:00

Our saver plans are specially designed to help your business grow by saving your money, allowing you to expand your business without burdens and hassle free.

Would you charge based on the usage of bandwidth data transfer ?2022-01-05T10:06:25+08:00

We will not surprise you with any hidden costs or unexpected fees. We do not charge by the amount of data transmitted. Feel free to speak to us for volume discount.

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