Content Delivery Network (CDN)2022-01-10T11:41:36+08:00

Global Content Delivery Network

Net Onboard offers the next generation  Content Delivery Network (CDN). Deliver fast, rich user experiences for Internet applications that increase engagement and conversions, regardless of distance to origin servers, device types, or network health. Even during unexpected traffic spikes or infrastructure outages.

CDN Pricing

MYR100.00/ month
  • Caches Content Across Global
    Network, Remove Latency &
    Increase Performance.

  • WAF stops attacks from common web threats and specialized attacks.

  • Fast Processing speed @ 0.3ms with real-time global updates

  • PCI Compliance

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to activate CDN for my website ?2022-01-10T11:42:22+08:00

Within the same working day once payment has been made.

What is the performance improvement I can expect after activating CDN?2019-01-31T18:15:42+08:00

In optimised cases, you might be able to achieve 2-3 times faster.

How could I confirm that my website speed had increased after activating CDN ?2022-01-10T11:43:26+08:00

There are many online benchmarking tools that you can utilise to perform a website speed test.

In which region is your CDN available ?2022-01-10T11:44:05+08:00

Our CDN is available beyond 151 data centers around the world including Asia, China, North America, Latin America & the Caribbean, Europe, Oceania, Middle East and Africa.

How can CDN protect my website ?2022-01-10T11:44:52+08:00

Our CDN packages comes with unmetered mitigation of DDoS and Web Application Firewall which constantly monitors over the internet for potential vulnerabilities and attackers.

Why do I need CDN for my website ?2022-01-10T11:45:50+08:00

A CDN allows for faster delivery of elements needed for loading Internet content including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos. Using a CDN for your website can reduce bandwidth costs, improve page load times and increase global availability of content.

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