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About NetOnboardNet Onboard Sdn Bhd, a fast growing leader in cloud computing and online marketing solutions who accelerates client businesses’ growth by reducing IT complexity and providing expansion flexibility service to all go-green concept corporations.

Over years of cloud computing experiences, we accumulate knowledge and skill to enhance current virtual infrastructure and platforms that enables enterprises to adopt cloud computing technology for future business challenges.

We excel in transforming traditional IT practices to a higher level of cloud computing while preserving low investment cost with improved security control. We assembled our own Network Infrastructure and Patented SMS platform to allow clients to deliver their content via the Internet and Mobile Channel easily.

Being the frontier in this industry we hold strongly to be a major role of hybrid solution provider that centralized in solving technical issues, online marketing, cloud computing and server colocation. With the rise of virtual technology, we invested heavily to transform ourselves from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

While adhering to the Service Level Agreement (SLA), we strive to deliver solutions in timely manner and provide extra miles after sales service to earn client’s trust. Net Onboard is proud to be presented the 9th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise – Keris Award 2010, recognition of honesty and integrity business practice.


To offer the best quality and reliable cloud service for better internet services


Most Innovative and Reliable Cloud Service Provider

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