Dedicated Mail Server

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Dedicated space and bandwidth
for your important Business Mails

Unlike shared email hosting, dedicated mail server is ideal for businesses with light to medium heavy email usage who can’t afford email interruption cause by others, thus hosted isolated on a dedicated server.

The server comes with dedicated disc space and bandwidth @ optimal speed for smooth email traffic at all times. Your server will utilize a unique IP address solely for your domain with one administrator privilege to have full control and focus for efficient email management.

Net Onboard Dedicated Mail Server - Easy to access. Simple to manage Webmail & Client Mail

Easy to access. Simple to manage

With an Exchange interface alike webmail, users are able to access email account anywhere and anytime. Turn on your device, connect to Internet, logon to account. Simple and straight forward where users can familiar with in just few clicks. User friendly and easy to use admin interface allow non-IT user to manage administrator role to control the server.

Net Onboard Dedicated Mail Server - Flexible mailbox size

Flexible mailbox size

Now you can have bigger space for your email at any size of you wish upto 250GB! Each email user by default is allocated 1GB of storage and 20 MB for email attachments. Flexible mail box size is adjustable later on. Robust storage eliminates slow traffic and email congestion nightmare.

Net Onboard Dedicated Mail Server - Create E- name card to unveil yourself

Create E-name card to unveil yourself

Kill two birds with a stone. Personalized your email address with your web address or company name. You can carry out branding exercise effortless every time you send email.

Net Onboard Dedicated Mail Server - Managed Service

Command us! We take care of your server

We are expert in servers from deployment, maintenance to troubleshooting. You can leave all the responsibility of managing dedicated mail server to us. Subscribe to our server managed plan at a small fee, we will handle it for you.

Net Onboard Dedicated Mail Server - Bulletproof warriors to safeguard data

Bulletproof warriors to safeguard mailbox

Stop Spam! Stop Virus! You can expect high privacy security and optimum virus protection from us. Powerful and affordable solution to segregate data from virus prone zone and prevent email spamming occurs.

We identify those unwelcome and stop them attacking you.

Net Onboard Dedicated Mail Server - Easy Migration from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Windows Live

Migrate in few clicks

Easily move a single mailbox, or an entire domain, from mail services like: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, Windows Live, iMail and MailEnable.

View Net Onboard Dedicated Mail Server Plans

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