Testimonial Story (Cloud Server)


“Migrate to Net Onboard Cloud Server is the best decision that I have ever made for Beautifulnara.com”

Award winning entertainment blog site Beautifulnara.com is the 2nd most visited blog site in Malaysia. With 8,000 concurrent visitors, uptime is the main concerned for Mr. Ahmad Nazuwan bin Amran, the owner of Beautifulnara.com.

“While under the shared hosting environment in previous provider, error 500 appeared whenever the visitors hit 2,000. Ever since I have shifted my site to Net Onboard Cloud Server, Beautifulnara.com has no longer experienced Error 500 even during the peak time of 8,000 concurrent visitors!”

Beautifulnara.com has been ranked in the TOP 10 under Malaysia’s most searchable website in 2011 & 2nd most visited blog site respectively. Such great result has never been dreamed by Mr. Ahmad Nazuwan. The successes achieved by Beautifulnara.com are not by luck but his hard work, efforts and the spirit of not giving up.

The pains hit Beautifulnara.com during it tremendous traffic growth. The incapability of providing bandwidth supply to Beautifulnara.com is the reason given by previous hosting provider asking them to leave.

“I was panic when I was being told that Beautifulnara.com can no longer be serviced anymore by my previous hosting provider. With the spirit of not giving out, finally I met Net Onboard and they helped me to resolve Beatuifulnara.com problem.” said Mr. Ahmad Nazuwan while sharing the harsh moment of Beautifulnara.com.

He met Net Onboard Sdn Bhd Managing Director Mr. Lee Yip Fei during the Domain Registry Innovation Awards 2 years back. After sharing the difficulties of Beautifulnara.com with Mr. Lee, detailed studied has been carried out as where Mr. Lee proposed a scalable architecture for Beautifulnara.com and since then Beautifulnara.com has migrated to Net Onboard.

“Even though I do not really understand the proposed Cloud Server architecture, but I know it shall work best for Beautifulnara.com and it really did!” he smiled while commented on the architecture performance.

With built-in high availability architecture (HA) to achieve maximum service uptime thank to the failover mechanism designed, he can now fully concentrate enjoying his blogging journey rather than suffering from technical issue.

“Apart from the reliable architecture, I am also satisfied with Net Onboard support. Their response is always quick and friendly. I am sure you will agree with me once you enrolled with Net Onboard service!”

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