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Mining with Net Onboard

Cloud Mining has exploded into popularity as cryptocurrency begins to garner attention around the world. The utilization of the service is to serve people that are interested in investing in cryptocurrency but has no technical knowledge regarding miners and software.
Net Onboard aims to provide an honest and trustworthy Cloud Mining services to those interested within Malaysia

Dedicated Antminer S9
  • 12 Months Contract
  •   13.5TH/s Hash Rate
  • 35% Revenue Share
  •  90 Days Warranty
  •  No Setup Fee

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Net Onboard’s Mining Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up cloud mining with this company?2019-01-31T10:35:44+08:00

Net onboard has been around in IT industry since 2001 with over 8000 clients around the world with proven track record .

For this one is it going to be mining pool or solo pool?2019-01-31T10:36:36+08:00

It’s all decided by you as we don’t restrict the mining type.

Is warranty provided for the machine that I have bought?2019-01-31T10:32:22+08:00

Yes. Your new mining machine will have 180 days warranty under Net onboard from your day of purchase. We provides one-to-one replacement for your machine if there is any faulty during the warranty period.

How can I pay for the service, can I use other currencies? Or can I pay with bitcoin?2019-01-31T10:30:36+08:00

We are currently not receive Bitcoin as a payment method. Please refer to our Payment Method page for more details on our accepted payment method.

How the process for me to get my payout?2019-01-31T10:28:41+08:00

All coins generate from the mining pool can be withdraw directly from individual account.

What happen if the machine that I bought broken?2019-01-31T10:27:00+08:00

Your machine will be replace one-to-one if it’s still under warranty period of 180 days, or else you will need to request a support service from us with charges.

Can I visit a Data Center and do my own inspection?2019-01-31T10:25:50+08:00

Our mining machine are located in a highly secured location whereby clients are not allow to do any visits.

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